Aims of Training
J.C. Training provide training programmes that help establish ‘Qualities and
Qualification Standards’ required by legislation and awarding bodies.
We aim to provide appropriate training that promotes the personal development of
participants. Allowing participants to learn using their preferred learning methods.
Training is delivered at arranged venues, together with the flexibility of “in house”
training if required to suit the needs of customers.
Programmes are continually developed and managed to maintain a quality training
provision. This is achieved by participants self evaluating the training programme.
Business development forms are used to assess the quality of provision allowing
for a 360 degree assessment opportunity.
The  J.C. Training Personal Development Record.
This helps the participant focus and identify how they can apply the training by putting training into practice
within the workplace.
We are committed to customer care, and prior to any training taking place, our clients are offered a free
training assessment service that can highlight areas of training.
J.C. training programmes are designed to meet individual needs, and work with clients to deliver exactly what
they need.
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Personal Training
Participants receive a
J.C. Training Personal
Development record.
This provides evidence of
Personal Professional